How was 2022 for me?

Hello, I'm an "anxiete" person trying to survive. First of all, I hope 2022 has been good for all of you and 2023 will be even better. I wish you all a good year.

To be honest, 2022 was a terrible year for me because I never got close to the goals I wanted and I had many financial and health problems. First of all, I have a rheumatism problem that affects everything, and it's genetics. It's not a normal rheumatism, it's the worst kind of inflammation. This limits my physical activities because almost all my bones hurt and sometimes I can't even breathe. There is no cure for this, you can only relieve the pain with a needle (medicine). Because of this illness, I had to give up my dream, to be a professional football player. So I devoted myself to internet games and tried to find ways to make money from there. I was good at the games I played and I started to earn money, but I couldn't improve myself enough because my computer was not good enough and my job was also very stressful. Most of the money I earned went to my family because I had to meet their needs as well. My brother's education expenses, household expenses, etc. I did not have enough money to invest in anything because I did not have enough for myself. crypto or anything. My introduction to crypto was actually because the games I played and earned money were very stressful for me. I discovered crypto games where I can earn money by playing games and focused on them. I made money for a while, but because I didn't know much about crypto, I made very little money when I could have made almost 10x. The market was also getting worse and I had to leave them too. To be honest, I have a depressed and realistic personality, which is why my nickname is like that. It is also a French song that I love very much, I recommend you to listen to it. On the other hand, my family problems and illnesses followed me. I knew I needed some relief when things were getting worse. We partyed and had fun for about a week with my best friends, whom I've met for about 10 years. A normal person should do this once every 2-3 months because you need to have fun to maintain your mental health. Since I don't have many conditions, I can do this almost once every 2-3 years and this makes me even more depressed. Apart from that, I have an acne/pimples problem since I was little. I use the most severe medicine for the treatment of this. And that causes severe depression and bone pain. It has incredible side effects. But it's the only solution, so I have to endure. Those who want the name of the drug Roaccutane can research it, if your acne problem is too much, if your age is over 20, you can discuss it with your doctor, it really helps. And you are not allowed to do sports while taking this drug, which also affects me badly, at least I want to go to the gym for bodybuilding, but I can't do that either.

Life is hard and very difficult. Especially if you don't have any money source, but don't give up and keep working and learning. Just because life is hard doesn't mean it isn't good. I still want to experience a lot of good things and I will continue to strive for it. I hope that in the new year I can achieve financial freedom and offer a comfortable life to both my family and myself. My best wishes to you all. I'm aware that I used this place as a diary, but I don't have much to tell, I wish I had better experiences. See you next year and hope to experience better things...

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