Future of Internet and Web3

Hello, today's topic is the future of the internet, the crypto market and web3. First of all, I must say that the ideal internet varies for each person. As a 24-year-old, I witnessed the beginning and the end of most popular things today. Because internet sites etc started to appear gradually in my time. In the past, people felt that they belonged there with the comfort of communicating with the people around them, having a little fun and being on the internet anonymously. But it can also have bad sides. There are many people who bother other people with the comfort of being anonymous. It's not good if we only talk about the good sides of something. I think that the popularization of the internet has caused most people to lose their sense of self and question themselves. We can access most information and images instantly, and yes, this is a great thing, but if we look at the "social media" part of it, people are worried about being not liked. Especially for teenagers, this heartbreak can leave a bad mark. The reason for this is that other people's (around or not) photos or posts they share get more likes from them. This makes them feel ugly or excluded. They see many beautiful models etc and they want to be liked and famous like them. The popularity of the Internet has also greatly expanded the show business and has taken over the knowledge. I know that most people behave differently in order not to be excluded from the society and do not write or share their true thoughts. Just to get more likes and not be excluded. That's why we should use the internet as balanced as possible and not compromise ourselves. Of course it's nice to be liked, but we shouldn't be obsessed with it and we shouldn't compromise on our own personality.
It is impossible to make everyone happy at the same time. When someone is happy, someone is always unhappy, that's a rule of life. It is also very difficult to find something that will make the majority happy, but it is necessary for the future. Therefore, the necessary trust and confidentiality must be formed for the ideal internet. In particular, there are applications that even children should not see that they can easily access. Applications need to take clearer measures on these issues. Although they take precautions, of course, the biggest responsibility belongs to the parents, that is a separate issue. While we used to be busy with things like television and radio, now we can watch many videos and live broadcasts on the internet. Even the sport has changed. While basketball, football etc are watched more among young people. In the last 10 years, Esports has grown more than necessary and has millions of viewers. Many professional teams, players, coaches make a living from Esports. Just as football used to be a show business while it was played for fun, Esports is now a show business and for many people it is a profession. and at the same time, Esports is a very comprehensive field and includes many games. People always play a game that appeals to them and they want to watch the best of that game. For the ideal internet, security is something that should be first and foremost. Even when we become a member of crypto exchanges, we give a lot of our information to them, trusting them. Today, trust is a must as many shopping sites, even social media applications are hacked and our information is leaked. That's why the owners of this app need to protect people more than necessary and have to invest heavily in security and privacy. They need to offer this assurance to the people. Even crypto exchanges can be hacked, which is why most people stay away.
And now that people hardly even go out, there are many apps that bring home food. Of course, the impact of covid has made it more widespread. On the one hand, this is something that kills active human sociability. Why I say active sociability because you can easily be social on the internet, there are many talking and dating apps that support this. But by active social, I mean going out and talking face to face or doing an activity. The widespread use of the Internet can make people lazy, yes, so we have to be careful. Like I said, you have to keep everything in balance. Web3 is a rapidly growing environment with great potential. Of course, it will not replace social media at the moment, but they have already started to take the place of many banks. However, I think that if the necessary investments and steps are made, they will progress in social media as well. With our memberships in crypto exchanges, if we can have our own nickname and together with it, people can meet each other on the forum site of the crypto exchange, share photos and videos. Currently, as far as I know, some crypto exchanges have a live broadcast application, which is a very nice thing. I was just talking about security and privacy. Web3 can provide this better, but can people feel comfortable in a place with so much knowledge? That is another question... If this is assured, a good environment will be created. But as I said, it is impossible to make everyone happy at the same time. Crypto exchanges provide very easy money transfer and this can be done from one end of the world to the other. Without the need for any bank or other money transfer app, and that's a great thing. I think crypto exchanges should sponsor the Esports world that I just mentioned, to make this spread more widely. Thus, the use of crypto exchanges will become widespread and some sites will accept it as a payment method. If you work in an online business, you may prefer to receive payment in crypto money, I think things like this should become more common. I think that in the future more web3 sites will be opened and they will slowly become a social media site, the Internet will turn into more show business and esports will become more widespread.

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